December 11

My Amped Project

My Amp’d project is to create a cookbook of my family’s recipes, in particular those of my 90 year old Grandmother.

The outcome will be that I will create a legacy for my grandmother and share her talents with the world.

Posted December 11, 2014 by Clayton Dowty in category amped

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I was a third culture kid - born in Louisiana, raised in Malaysia, graduated from High School in Egypt and lived for 15 years in New York. I was an actress who made a living temping, waiting tables and babysitting for about a decade before moving to London to attend Drama School. Ironically, it was there that I realized I didn't want to be an actress any more and moved back to New York to become a teacher. I spent seven crazy years teaching in public schools in NYC before moving to beautiful Shekou! I'm excited to teach English and help establish an extracurricular drama program.

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