May 12

Grade 9 English

This is the class that helps students make the transition from the Middle School Humanities curriculum to the IB system. Students are challenged to be critical, thoughtful, and analytical thinkers as they strengthen their reading, writing and discussion skills. Students will be required to make connections between the themes explored in literature and real world events, both from other subjects and from their personal experience. They will explore an array of writing styles and learn how to produce various types of written work. Furthermore, they will explore human identity and society through multiple forms of media, and synthesize original arguments based upon observations and analysis.

9th Grade Syllabus 2016

Reassessment Policy:

Based on the theories of Carol Dweck and Rick Wormeli, we have developed a policy of re-assessment to support students’ growth in re-learning and mastering skills. The purpose of re-assessment is to deepen understanding and demonstrate that the student has acquired steady growth.

Re-assessment is not a tool simply to raise a grade, nor is it a substitute for lack of preparation on the initial assessment.

In order to re-assess on an assignment, a student must write a reflection as to why s/he was not successful on the first assessment, a rationale for re-assessment, as well as a plan for how s/he will prepare for the re-assessment.