November 21


Hello and thanks for visiting Dowty Discourse!  Here you will find basic information about each class, posts celebrating our classroom activities, and links to class pages with lessons and class resources.   Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments via email:


What I Teach:

9th Grade English – This is the class that helps students make the transition from the Middle School Humanities curriculum to the IB system. Students are challenged to be critical, thoughtful, and analytical thinkers as they strengthen their reading, writing and discussion skills. Students will be required to make connections between the themes explored in literature and real world events, both from other subjects and from their personal experience. They will explore an array of writing styles and learn how to produce various types of written work. Furthermore, they will explore humans identity and society through multiple forms of media, and synthesize original arguments based upon observations and analysis.

IB English A: Language and Literature – The aims of IB English A are to introduce students to a range of texts from different periods, styles and genres in order to develop in students the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of individual texts and make relevant connections.  The course seeks to improve students’ powers of expression, both in oral and written communication, to encourage students to recognize the importance of the contexts in which texts are written as well an appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures, and how these perspectives construct meaning. Students will be asked  to think critically about the different interactions between text, audience and purpose.The ultimate goal of this course is to promote in students an enjoyment of, and lifelong interest in, language and literature.

Theory of Knowledge –The TOK course, a flagship element in the Diploma Programme, encourages critical thinking about knowledge itself, to try to help young people make sense of what they encounter. Its core content is questions like these: What counts as knowledge? How does it grow? What are its limits? Who owns knowledge? What is the value of knowledge? What are the implications of having, or not having, knowledge? This is the first year of study in the TOK course, which will culminate in an internally assessed oral presentation approximately 10 minutes in length.

Middle School Drama Each drama Class is a celebration of  “The Three Ps” –  Passion, Play and Purpose –  all of which will help students succeed in school and beyond.  Through improvisation, they strengthen their linguistic abilities, their kinesthetic awareness, and their intra-personal skills through spontaneous creation of imagined worlds. By studying theorists and practicing various performance techniques, they connect their learning to real world scenarios and explore various solutions to problems of performance. By engaging in script analysis, they make text-to-self connections that strengthen their interpersonal understanding.  Most importantly, they have lots of fun through a natural combination of education and play.  The course will culminate in a live public performance.

About Me:

Like most of you, I grew up outside of my home country;I spent most of my childhood in Malaysia, and finally moved to New York at the age of 18, where I experienced some of the same cultural diversity I enjoyed as an international student.  I was an actress for six years, during which time I met my wonderful husband, Christopher, who was working as comedian.  Eight years later, now married with a baby, we moved to China to teach at SIS.   My daughter started school in the nursery at ECC and is now a ‘big girl’ starting kindergarten. While I long ago gave up acting for teaching, drama is still a huge passion of mine and, in addition to teaching English and TOK, I run all of the theater classes and activities at Bayside.  I’m thrilled to be starting my fourth year as part of a such a creative, hardworking, compassionate community.


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