Twitter in KC – how and why?

“Tweeting in kindergarten…?” Why?  Initially I had the same thought but decided to give it a try this year in KC.  All I can say is “wow” – I am amazed at how the children have learnt the purpose of tweeting  and why we are doing it.

Paper tweet wall

Paper tweet wall


Writing a paper tweet.

Writing a paper tweet.


Writing paper tweets during writers workshop

Writing paper tweets during writers workshop


We brainstormed why we need to tweet

We brainstormed why we need to tweet






They have become very enthusiastic to learn about other classes at SIS and what is happening but also with other classes around the world – particularly of the same age group.

For example, we follow a kindergarten class in America and they were about to have recess with ‘snow toys’ – the children were fathomed by this and immediately had many questions about why they would be having recess with ‘snow toys’.  From there we had many wonderful discussions about weather in different parts of the world, maps, similarities and differences….the list goes on!

Twitter is allowing KC to learn so much in a short amount of time and it has increased their curiousity about the world around them.  However, a large part of what they are learning is focusing in on what they are doing in their own day or what they have learned and being able to share that with others.  They are focusing in on details and in relation to writers workshop – ‘small moments’!

Twitter in our class works like this…

Whole group meets in the morning and I share briefly what has been happening on our account and focus in a few tweets that have particular relevance to what we are learning also or ones that I know may spark some “wonderings” amongst the students.  We then discuss these and may send some replies as a whole group.

However, the account is from the children so they are the ones who will write most of the tweets – which happens during writers workshop.

Whilst majority of the class are working on their writing – a small group are responsible for writing the tweets.

They must write paper tweets first and then using their own group ipad they copy it onto the twitter page.  It is then sent and during our writers sharing time they share what they have tweeted whilst others are sharing their stories from their book.  It has been a great way to manage this integration of tweeting and writers workshop.

We display the paper tweets for a few days and rotate these as the chart become full – just like a real twitter page.

We have so much more to learn about twitter and from twitter – but the KC children are embracing it and learning how to use it effectively in order to benefit their learning!

6 thoughts on “Twitter in KC – how and why?

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  2. Hello,

    I am a kindergarten teacher in New Brunswick, Canada and love your Twitter idea. I am going to begin to do this with my class this week!
    Thanks for such a wonderful way to introduce the children to this.

    • Thank you! I am positive you are going to be amazed at the wonderful way it changes the dynamic of your classroom and student thinking! I have been amazed at how the children have responded and how much they learn from it! Good luck! Let me know how it goes for you.

  3. Excellent! I have been using Twitter for about 3 years with my Kindergarten classes and they have loved it. I really like the way you have incorporated it into your writers workshop, very well done! It’s been such a great way for my students to share their learning as well as learn so much from other kinder classes all over the world. Our twitter conversations have evolved into so much more… Skype calls, collaborative book writing, VoiceThreads, etc! I’m so glad you shared this post!

    • Thanks Ben,

      I am looking forward to future evolvement and where it could lead. We are also involved in many of the extra things you mentioned and find such great value from it all. Maybe we could share some more between our classes in the future!

  4. It is an excellent idea. I just created my tweeter account. I’m going to tweet with Rory. As an adult, I’ve been using facebook, What’s App, and WeChat quite a bit. Never thought of using it to boost kid’s learning, especially in writing. It will also help in presenting as well.

    Honestly, very creative.

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