We Have An Opinion!

images-1We have begun a new writing unit called ‘Persuasive Writing of All Kinds’ – this is unit 4 and one of the last units for the year.

The basic principle behind this writing unit is to encourage children that what they write can make the world better!

The three key points to beginning this writing are:


1. See a problem

2. Think about how to solve the problem

3. Write!

So far the children have been learning to state an opinion on something, for example – which one is better….ice cream or cake? ¬†They write their reasons why and share out – this is opinion writing.

The next step which we started today was to learn about persuasive writing – so persuading people why their idea is better.

Each child thought of a problem in the class or at home, they had to write the problem and then write the reasons persuading the reader why this problem is a problem!!

Some problems that are being solved are….

– people chewing their hair

– people picking their nose

– people talking when the teacher is talking

– younger siblings snatching the ipad

……..and the list goes on.

Eventually we will explore various ways writers can convince a person to change their opinion, such as…

– writing a sign

– writing a letter

– writing a song

– writing a list

– writing a petition

Encourage your child at home to share their opinion on various topics and practise giving the reasons why their opinion is better or how they could persuade you to think differently!

NOTE: The first piece of opinion writing has been shared on each child’s QR code – hear their opinions on a topic they chose! ¬†(this was a partner activity).

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