Smiles and Tears

Kindergarten classes held their Mother’s Day Tea Party today to celebrate our wonderful mothers.

Thank you to the HUGE turnout – the children were soooo excited to share their song, plant pot and book they had made for their mothers.

As the song was being sung, I looked around and saw many with tears in their eyes, but above all….BIG  smiles!

A great success and once again HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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Student Led Conferences

Thank you to the parents who attended the Student Led Conferences last week…For those of you who don’t know, here is the process your child participated in when deciding what to show you.

It was so nice to hear many parents give children wonderful, constructive feedback that was positive and encouraging…which we all like from time to time, right?

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Where is that Leprechaun?










It’s St Patricks Day…we heard there might be a leprechaun about so we collaborated with each other to 

– think about

– design

– build

– test

– re-design

and finally build a TRAP to catch that sneaky leprechaun.

We had to use many skills such as collaboration, complex thinking, communication and be independent learners to ensure we finished on time!

But…..unfortunately the leprechaun sneaked in and stole the gold that we were using for a trap, whilst we were at lunch…then came the rainbow hunt to find it again….so many tales to tell!

Ask a KC child to explain more of what happened…and if they eventually found GOLD or that sneaky leprechaun!!

Happy St Patricks Day!

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Xin Nian Kuai Le!

So we were global citizens again today and…we cut, we pasted, we created, we discussed, we cooked, we tasted, we smelled, we listened, we LEARNED…all about CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Thank you to the wonderful helpers and teaching assistants in each class!

Edible Snowmen & Christmas Trees

We had some winter holiday / christmas fun today!  We made snowmen and christmas trees…with FOOD!!

Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!  We toured Japan, Korea, Belgium/Netherlands, USA, Singapore. We were Global Citizens!

Thank you to all the wonderful mothers who helped to organise and run the activities.