We Have An Opinion!

images-1We have begun a new writing unit called ‘Persuasive Writing of All Kinds’ – this is unit 4 and one of the last units for the year.

The basic principle behind this writing unit is to encourage children that what they write can make the world better!

The three key points to beginning this writing are:


1. See a problem

2. Think about how to solve the problem

3. Write!

So far the children have been learning to state an opinion on something, for example – which one is better….ice cream or cake?  They write their reasons why and share out – this is opinion writing.

The next step which we started today was to learn about persuasive writing – so persuading people why their idea is better.

Each child thought of a problem in the class or at home, they had to write the problem and then write the reasons persuading the reader why this problem is a problem!!

Some problems that are being solved are….

– people chewing their hair

– people picking their nose

– people talking when the teacher is talking

– younger siblings snatching the ipad

……..and the list goes on.

Eventually we will explore various ways writers can convince a person to change their opinion, such as…

– writing a sign

– writing a letter

– writing a song

– writing a list

– writing a petition

Encourage your child at home to share their opinion on various topics and practise giving the reasons why their opinion is better or how they could persuade you to think differently!

NOTE: The first piece of opinion writing has been shared on each child’s QR code – hear their opinions on a topic they chose!  (this was a partner activity).

I know…so I can teach you!

This week we began a new writing unit based on ‘How-To’ books.

We have been writing many books based on a variety of writing genres and now we added to the list with ‘How-To’ writing.

We began by brainstorming all the things we are really good at and could teach someone else how to do.

We sketched and made notes on sticky notes and placed on a large chart (see below).

Next we began exploring sequencing and putting thing in order, learning new language, exploring various “How-To” books….

Later this week we begin writing our own ‘How-To’ book based on one of our ideas….keep a look out for these!!

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Lounging in the Literacy Lounge

Last week we had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy ‘lounging’ in a ‘literacy lounge’ that our librarian Mrs Livingston and parent volunteers put together!

The children thought this space was “amazing”, “wow”, “so cool” and IMMEDIATELY settled in and read their fellow students writing!  Writing that ranged from kindergarten to grade 5 level.

Thank you Mrs Livingston from KC class – we loved this space and reading amazing examples of writing!

Click on the photo to see us in the literacy lounge…

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 2.49.04 pm

Collaborative Stories

We went to the parade with our friend dragon and we sat below the moon and then we saw a horse that was sad so we asked the horse why are you sad and then we gave a big gift to the horse that was a chopsticks, a firecrackers, a fortune cookie, a characters, a lantern, a envelope, a fan, a money, a dance. Serenity, Rory, Rachelle

We went to the parade with our friend dragon and we sat below the moon and then we saw a horse that was sad so we asked the horse why are you sad and then we gave a big gift to the horse that was a chopsticks, a firecrackers, a fortune cookie, a characters, a lantern, a envelope, a fan, a money, a dance.
Serenity, Rory, Rachelle

We worked in small groups to write a rebus story using pictorial words from Chinese New Year.  We are complex thinkers, collaborators & writers!



I like dragon dance.
I can have money.
I like to buy the lantern.
I like to get a gift.
We will go to the moon with my horse.
Amara, Joy, Sacha, Hyeonche


I like to scare the dragon with firecrackers when we have money, when it is the moon and I like to taste oranges and we like to parade. I want to open the fortune cookies. I want to ride a horse. The end.
Edoardo, Pacome, Hyukjin




I like parades and play with dragon dance. I eat oranges and use chopsticks. I gave a gift to the horse and I see the moon. I share the money and gave to envelope. I sunny day use a fan. I go to cymbals and fortune cookie and lantern.
Sophia, Chaewon, Seojun



True Stories!

In writers workshop we have been learning so many things including how to make our stories come ‘alive’.  To do this we have begun learning how to ensure how story has the following elements…

We also have begun experimenting with adding speech bubbles to give the characters in our stories a voice and expression.  Here are we are learning how to do this…

Twitter…are you following us yet?

So if you didn’t know we use twitter in KC!!  Follow this link to find out how it works….as it is going to launched and become a part of the regular writers workshop programme in the next 2 weeks and then for the remainder of the year.

Parents: Are you following us yet???  We want to tweet you and you can also see the great stuff we will be tweeting and learning about as well!!

Follow us @KC5101


If you would rather just observe (initially) what we are tweeting see this post about following us via ‘Flipboard’.



Amazing writers!

Writers workshop was launched in our class about 2 weeks ago and the progress between then and now has been fantastic!!  Amazing writers are busy following these steps to create wonderful stories…and then adding more!!!

We have also looked at illustrations and how these tell a story too with the emphasis on careful coloring, using a variety of colors and adding details to our pictures.

See the anchor charts we review often to help us stay focused and a sneak peak sample of our writing in progress!!

Writers Workshop is launched!

So we have begun writing!!  Our writers workshop program was launched this week.  The main focus in these early days is to build a love for writing and establish appropriate writing routines.  Together we learned to follow the steps of:

1. Think

2. List ideas

3. Share idea

4. Draw and write

5. Share writing

So KC authors are in the making!!

Twitter in KC – how and why?

“Tweeting in kindergarten…?” Why?  Initially I had the same thought but decided to give it a try this year in KC.  All I can say is “wow” – I am amazed at how the children have learnt the purpose of tweeting  and why we are doing it.

Paper tweet wall

Paper tweet wall


Writing a paper tweet.

Writing a paper tweet.


Writing paper tweets during writers workshop

Writing paper tweets during writers workshop


We brainstormed why we need to tweet

We brainstormed why we need to tweet






They have become very enthusiastic to learn about other classes at SIS and what is happening but also with other classes around the world – particularly of the same age group.

For example, we follow a kindergarten class in America and they were about to have recess with ‘snow toys’ – the children were fathomed by this and immediately had many questions about why they would be having recess with ‘snow toys’.  From there we had many wonderful discussions about weather in different parts of the world, maps, similarities and differences….the list goes on!

Twitter is allowing KC to learn so much in a short amount of time and it has increased their curiousity about the world around them.  However, a large part of what they are learning is focusing in on what they are doing in their own day or what they have learned and being able to share that with others.  They are focusing in on details and in relation to writers workshop – ‘small moments’!

Twitter in our class works like this…

Whole group meets in the morning and I share briefly what has been happening on our account and focus in a few tweets that have particular relevance to what we are learning also or ones that I know may spark some “wonderings” amongst the students.  We then discuss these and may send some replies as a whole group.

However, the account is from the children so they are the ones who will write most of the tweets – which happens during writers workshop.

Whilst majority of the class are working on their writing – a small group are responsible for writing the tweets.

They must write paper tweets first and then using their own group ipad they copy it onto the twitter page.  It is then sent and during our writers sharing time they share what they have tweeted whilst others are sharing their stories from their book.  It has been a great way to manage this integration of tweeting and writers workshop.

We display the paper tweets for a few days and rotate these as the chart become full – just like a real twitter page.

We have so much more to learn about twitter and from twitter – but the KC children are embracing it and learning how to use it effectively in order to benefit their learning!