Communicate effectively   

I can:

  • Listen, read, write, speak, and pay attention to learn.
  • Discover and think about things. Then I decide for myself what I think.
  • Use many different ways to tell about the things I need, want, think, and believe.

Demonstrate personal management  

I can:

  • Enjoy learning. I try things even when they are difficult and I practice until I get it.
  • Do it by myself! If I need help, I know where to look. I always try my best.
  • Take care of my brain and my body. I get enough sleep. I eat healthy foods. I exercise. I make healthy choices.

Be a complex thinker   

I can:

  • Be a big thinker.
  • Ask questions so I can understand.
  • Think and decide about big and interesting ideas.
  • Use my work to show that I understand.

Demonstrate global citizenship   

I can:

  • Help my friends when they need help.
  • Enjoy learning about different countries and cultures.
  • Help keep my school clean and beautiful.
  • Recycle and reuse.

Work collaboratively   

I can:

  • Know how to make and keep all kinds of friends.
  • Make and work towards goals while working in a group or on a team.
  • Take part in my class.
  • Help my classmate, school, and family.

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