NightlyReading should be at least 10 minutes a night.  It is important that the children make reading a habit!  It should be a combination of your child practicing reading independently, and you reading out loud quality literature to them.

The books children read independently should be books that they can read with little assistance. Students strengthen their reading skills, vocabulary, and fluency by reading materials that are “just right” for them. Difficult books can cause children to feel frustrated and they may even develop a dislike for books. We will be sending home weekly books that we’ve practiced in class and your child should read with minimal support.

In order to build fluency, it’s important that these books be read over and over agian. The more success children have at reading, the more they will want to read. And the more they read the better readers they will become.

The books you read out loud to your child can be any of your family favorites: fairy tales, chapter books, favorite author books like Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes, or Dr. Seuss, favorite picture books, or even beginning series books like The Magic Treehouse books. As a parent, it is important to help your child to focus on the pleasure that reading can bring into their lives! With these books, please focus on a reading or comprehension skill, for example making predictions, understanding the author’s purpose, visualizing, activating prior knowledge, or doing a five finger retelling.  Each month we’ll be exploring these skills in class.  We’ll send home an explanation to you of ways to practice this skill during your nightly reading and questions you can ask while reading to support your child’s learning.


Below is the list of kindergarten sight words (pre-primer). Please work on the sight words at home with your child. All of the words will be introduced in class.  All kindergarten students are encouraged to read all of the words before the end of the school year and if possible, the Primer words as well.

Also below are the next set of sight words (1st Grade) you can work on with your child if they have already mastered the kindergarten sight words (Pre-primer and Primer). Students do not need to know these by the end of kindergarten, but by the end of first grade.

Added are the 2nd and 3rd grade words for you to familiarize yourself with.

I have also addd flashcards for each set of sight words that may be useful when learning these words.









Also attached below are monthly “Just for Fun” calendars for students to work on each month.  (The calendar downloads begin JFF)  Please keep the calendars for the entire month.  If you complete a minimum of 2 activities each week, return it to school at the end of the month.












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