It’s All A Mystery…

Everyday there was a mystery in our class this past week….a mystery because we didn’t know who was going to walk in our door and come to read us a book!  Would it be one of our mother’s, father’s, the principal?

So each day we guessed and each day we were surprised by the amazing mystery readers that did come….and read to us in:

– English

– French


– Japanese

– Chinese

We even had someone read to us on Skype – all the way from New Zealand…it was Ms Hamley’s mum.  She read a story about a witch whilst wearing a witch hat!

Guess what…even though there were so many different languages we could understand what the story was about because we use our reading ‘superpowers’!!


It’s Very Wacky!

Well Wacky Wednesday hit our class – even all our chairs were gone!!

But take a look at some of these KC children…can you spot what is ‘wacky’ with what they are wearing?

Mystery Monday – SIS Book Week is away…

We kicked off the SIS Book Week with Mystery Monday!

Our mission…to find all the book characters that are placed around the school.  How did we find them??

We had a list of clues to read and match up once we found the characters!

See the clip below to find out which characters visited SIS today!