Where is that Leprechaun?










It’s St Patricks Day…we heard there might be a leprechaun about so we collaborated with each other to 

– think about

– design

– build

– test

– re-design

and finally build a TRAP to catch that sneaky leprechaun.

We had to use many skills such as collaboration, complex thinking, communication and be independent learners to ensure we finished on time!

But…..unfortunately the leprechaun sneaked in and stole the gold that we were using for a trap, whilst we were at lunch…then came the rainbow hunt to find it again….so many tales to tell!

Ask a KC child to explain more of what happened…and if they eventually found GOLD or that sneaky leprechaun!!

Happy St Patricks Day!

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Wondering About SOCHI…

In our class we have a time in the morning to work on our “wonderings”. This means there is usually a picture up on the screen to look at, think about, chat about…just WONDER about.  Often this has come from Wonderopolis – great website to learn all kinds of new and interesting things!

We then draw and write our wonderings in our Wonderings book.

During the first part of the day we share our wonderings and usually watch a small video clip to help us answer our questions.

So when the winter olympics began we continued but focused on what the sports were in the winter olympics – as many didn’t know!

Here are some our “wonderings” and the pictures that were wondering about.  Many came from the Olympic website.

This is a great activity to learn more about the world, become curious learners, continue to work on writing skills and practising our communication skills!

Can you match up the wonderings to the photos below?

_DSC0368 _DSC0369 _DSC0370 _DSC0372 _DSC0373 _DSC0374 _DSC0376 _DSC0408 _DSC0409



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Instant Feedback on Partner Reading

We have spent some time evaluating our partner reading and how we can improve. During partner reading last week I took photos of the children during partner reading.

Midway through partner reading time we stopped and I showed the class the photos I had taken. We reviewed them and discussed how each partner pairing could improve or if they were doing a great job of partner reading we celebrated that and focused on exactly what were the good points.

We then moved back into partner reading and using our recent feedback  we tried again, making the necessary changes.

A wonderful form of constructive feedback for the class.

On Holiday…but still connected!

It is fantastic that when KC children go on holiday they still share their experiences, travels, sights and sounds with the remainder of the class.

What is also wonderful is that if the holiday occurs during school time, the remainder of the class can respond back and communicate with their peer.

With this type of communication, connectivity and inclusion it brings the class closer together as well as provide opportunities for extending our learning beyond the classroom!

Here is Raiden, who is currently in Europe (sigh…) and sharing his travels with us.

@KC5101 are also planning to respond back today and share what they have been doing!

Learning is taking place both in class and out, both in Shenzhen and around the world….and we are all connected!!

In Denmark and visiting a real viking ship! Plus I spent the night in a castle. Hello to my classmates.