It started with a tweet…!

Another example of how twitter can lead learning in our class…

We received a tweet from @MrsZFabFirsties 

We then “wondered” and predicted what the story might be about.  We didn’t know if our library even had the book to check our predictions so we decided to tweet our library…

We decided we really wanted to find out what this book was about so we searched on Youtube to see if there was an electronic copy…there was!

THEN…the librarian was so kind and hand delivered the book to us!!

We then read the book and made some comparisons to see if the book on Youtube and the book in our hand was the same or different

Afterwards during math time we practised making ‘double’ of everything, learning exactly what ‘double’ means.

So what did we learn from this ONE initial tweet…

– Math – double, counting, half, creating number stories

– Literacy – making predictions, making comparisons, communicating our ideas, difference between fiction and non-fiction, writing reply tweets

– Social studies – differences between then and now, communities and how they change

– ESLR’s –

* global citizen (making connection with those around me & the world)

* independent learner (picking up the book and re-reading it)

* communication (sharing our ideas, likes, dislikes, requests to others)

* digital citizenship (deciding to follow various people on twitter, trusting their tweets, replying using twitter etiquette)

The great thing about twitter is that this sparked an interest in the children’s learning and from there….we were able to learn so much – they led their own learning!

Here is the link to the story on Youtube

Trees and Seasons!

This past week as part of our trees unit we focused on seasons and why trees change and how they change over the various season.

We created a picture to show the distinct changes of a tree over the four seasons….and they are finished today!

However, we are now going to record our ‘learning’ on the app Explain Everything, using our picture as the base.  We will send you a copy of this once it is made.

Here is a sneak peak at the process so far…

Evergreen Park & Collaboration

During our visit to Evergreen Park we took sooooooo many photos that we had to decide how we would present what we saw.  During this past week we have been working in our same Evergreen Park field trip groups, to create a slide presentation of photos.

To do this we are using an app call Haiku Deck.  Here we in the middle of the process….

Using the criteria we had to decide as a group which photos to use and then using our literacy skills write and re-read our word or caption to go along with the picture.

Please stay on HIGH ALERT  for these presentations soon!

@KC5101 takes a trip!

Last Friday we took a trip to Evergreen Park and whilst the children were on a mission to take photos of various parts of the walk and discover new and interesting things…I too was snapping away, both video and photos.  Whilst I did not capture everyone, I did, with the help of KC create a ‘story’ based on our trip.  As part of our SIS elearning goal we are aiming to integreate technology in and around the classroom and one of my own personal goals is to make our class as transparent as possible….here is one way to do that!!

‘Hollywood estimates that for every 1 minute of video there is an hour worth of filming/composing/editing involved.’

YES…I agree and with that and plus, plus, plus!!

But was it worth it as I sit back and now look at the finished product…”YES” I say, even said with a little smile!!

How did this project evolve….

1. The kindergarten class went on a field trip to a rainforest

2. They had a specific focus of looking at trees (our current science topic)

3. They used iPads to take photos of specific criteria (as seen in the iMovie)

4. Whilst they were moving in and around the rainforest I captures small video clips of their journey (yes…I forgot to turn my iphone around so the video clips are all small – but I learned for next time :p )

5. I also captured some photos of them as well as using some of the photos they took as well

6. I didn’t want to just make a movie of “what we did” so I asked them to reflect on what we did and in particular some of the more ‘interesting moments and discoveries’. They drew their reflections when we returned on Friday and I also took notes of their reflections.

7. As they talked I jotted down some notes of ideas to help me frame the story sequence


8. I then began to create…

9. Along the way I changed my idea about the photos and made them all black and white with a splash of colour, in particular highlighting our school colours and logo as well as key parts of the photo that matched the storyline – this added to my Hollywood estimate time by 100%, but I like the effect.

10. My goal is to eventually have the KG children create their own movie (which they do now but with more of ‘story’ to it and to help them learn some key points about digital literacy).  At this point however, they are using the photos they took and creating a ‘story’ of their journey / trip using haiku deck (see the ‘in process’ photos below).  We started this process today.  Ask them about it!

Their final presentations will be posted once they are completed.



11. FINAL STORY…grab your popcorn!! (Click on the link below to see our movie)

@KC5101 Takes a Trip!



Tweet, tweetered, twittered…we are in KC!!

“boy this bird is fast”

Up until this week I have been writing tweets on behalf of the class but this week we started with the children taking over their twitter account.

We explored our class account this week discussing what twitter actually means, does and how we can use it to further our learning and / or showcase what we are learning.

We looked a some other classes around the world and the children immediately identified some twitter avatars that appealed to them and quickly applied their own names…

“there is the penguin class”

“hey, that’s the tiger class”

“its a crayon class”

We wrote some tweets together, responded to some tweets, asked some questions and generally learned and became excited about using twitter.

What was noticed early on is how instant and ‘just in time’ twitter can be for them as one boy noticed that we had just sent a tweet and then we received a reply almost instantly…his comment

“boy that bird is fast”


How does it look in KC…

Children are in small groups when they tweet and this is usually during writers workshop.  They follow the same principles as they would if they were writing on paper.

1. They have to think of an idea about what to write

2. They have to decide who the audience will be

3. They have to share their idea with their writing partner

4. They have to write a draft copy of their tweet – as it would be written on twitter (including # and @)

5. They have to use best guess spelling, phonics, writing conventions, dictionaries, word walls when writing their tweet

6. They have to proof read their tweet to make sure it makes sense

7. They decide if they can add a photo to make the tweet more interesting

8. They publish….they write their tweet on the iPad in twitter, adding photos if needed (a whole other learning experience – how to take a photo on the iPad!!)

9. Before they press tweet, they read it again and share with their partner

10. Press tweet!

The children are immensely proud to write tweets, often receiving replies, other people ‘favoriting’ their tweets and generally getting instant feedback about what they have written.  It increases their love of writing – they want to write and love to share their ideas!

What they also love is the sound of “tweet” when a tweet comes in – often calling out excitedly “someone is tweeting us” – leading onto building their reading skills and a love for reading what others are tweeting them!!

The learning possibilities and connections are ENDLESS!!!

See below for some visuals of the process…