Counting by 2’s

We began learning how to skip count by 2’s today…

We looked at the numbers involved.

We gathered tools to count.

We grouped our tools into groups of 2’s.

Then we practised counting by ourselves, with our partner and aloud with the whole class

Counting by 2’s is a tricky one but we did pretty well.  We watched and actively sang a short song that will help us to remember…click on the link to hear it (it is also on our KC playlist!)

Count by 2’s

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2+4=? 5+4=? Creating Number Stories!

We began learning how to listen, respond and create mathematical number stories.

We used whiteboards to draw the number story we heard and then write the equation that would represent the number story.

We then created our own number story and told it to our partner who had to think how to solve it.

An example:

In the tree there was 2 apples and then the next day I looked there were 4 more apples.  How many apples are in the tree altogether?

Taller than me….or…shorter than me?

As part of the Everyday math program we used our measuring skills to locate, measure and list things that were taller or shorter than ourselves.  We used sticky notes to record our findings and placed these on our self portrait, either above the dotted line (taller) or below the dotted line (shorter).