It’s Hot But It’s Cold!

Last Thursday was a fun day in kindergarten!  We had been learning about water and ice and in particular how water can change into ice or gas.  So we took a trip to the Alps!  Ok, not the real Alps but the Shenzhen Alps.  An indoor snow, ski and skate centre.  We had the chance to play in the snow, feel the cold and take a ride down some slippery slopes!  Then we left back outside into 30+ degree heat….hmmmm which is better the super hot or the freezing cold!  Either way we had a lot of fun!

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Math & M&M’s?

One student recently bought a box of individual packets of  M&M’s to school to share for Valentines Day….a perfect opportunity to practise two of our current math units:

– sorting

– graphing data

We had to decide how to sort the M&M’s = by color

We sorted onto our coloured sorting sheet

We then counted each group and colored the graph squares to show the amount

Lastly we discussed which colour had the most and which colour had the least M&M’s

Of course….we got to eat some as well!!

A fun, math lesson!

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Edible Snowmen & Christmas Trees

We had some winter holiday / christmas fun today!  We made snowmen and christmas trees…with FOOD!!

It’s Snowing!

Book buddies became ‘craft buddies’ this week.  A nice day for making cotton bud snowflakes outside!


Dance the Day Away!

What a wonderful way to celebrate ‘Families’, the current social studies unit by having a DISCO!! Not just an ordinary disco but a 70/80’s theme disco.  There was some great songs, dancing, food and fun had by all!  Thank you to all who came along.

After Halloween…Monsters!!

So what do you do after a Halloween Parade?  You make monsters!!

See our foodie monsters and our matching monster faces!