New AM Routine!

We are finally ready to begin a new routine in the morning, upon arrival.

We have come so far since August and are demonstrating some wonderful independent learner skills.

So now when we first come in the classroom we….

1. Put away snack, water bottle etc

2. Change our reading book to take a new one home in our red folder

3. Check the whiteboard to see which learning station we are at

Four learning stations:

a. I can go book shopping – this is where we choose new books for the whole week – approximately 12-14 books based on what is a “just right” book

b. I can write letters and numbers – this is where we practise writing our sight words, writing numbers or writing a combination of both.

c. I can listen to reading – this is where we can listen to ebooks on the iPad and follow along, reading as best we can

d. I can wonder – this is where we look at a picture on the large screen and draw and write anything we ‘wonder’ about the picture in our ‘wonderings’ book.  We then share our ‘wonderings’ with the whole class before looking at the actual wonder on the website  We learn a new fact each day!


We spend about 10-15 minutes on these learning activities before we launch into our day.


Twitter…are you following us yet?

So if you didn’t know we use twitter in KC!!  Follow this link to find out how it works….as it is going to launched and become a part of the regular writers workshop programme in the next 2 weeks and then for the remainder of the year.

Parents: Are you following us yet???  We want to tweet you and you can also see the great stuff we will be tweeting and learning about as well!!

Follow us @KC5101

If you would rather just observe (initially) what we are tweeting see this post about following us via ‘Flipboard’.


Amazing writers!

Writers workshop was launched in our class about 2 weeks ago and the progress between then and now has been fantastic!!  Amazing writers are busy following these steps to create wonderful stories…and then adding more!!!

We have also looked at illustrations and how these tell a story too with the emphasis on careful coloring, using a variety of colors and adding details to our pictures.

See the anchor charts we review often to help us stay focused and a sneak peak sample of our writing in progress!!

Writers Workshop is launched!

So we have begun writing!!  Our writers workshop program was launched this week.  The main focus in these early days is to build a love for writing and establish appropriate writing routines.  Together we learned to follow the steps of:

1. Think

2. List ideas

3. Share idea

4. Draw and write

5. Share writing

So KC authors are in the making!!