It started with a tweet…!

Another example of how twitter can lead learning in our class…

We received a tweet from @MrsZFabFirsties 

We then “wondered” and predicted what the story might be about.  We didn’t know if our library even had the book to check our predictions so we decided to tweet our library…

We decided we really wanted to find out what this book was about so we searched on Youtube to see if there was an electronic copy…there was!

THEN…the librarian was so kind and hand delivered the book to us!!

We then read the book and made some comparisons to see if the book on Youtube and the book in our hand was the same or different

Afterwards during math time we practised making ‘double’ of everything, learning exactly what ‘double’ means.

So what did we learn from this ONE initial tweet…

– Math – double, counting, half, creating number stories

– Literacy – making predictions, making comparisons, communicating our ideas, difference between fiction and non-fiction, writing reply tweets

– Social studies – differences between then and now, communities and how they change

– ESLR’s –

* global citizen (making connection with those around me & the world)

* independent learner (picking up the book and re-reading it)

* communication (sharing our ideas, likes, dislikes, requests to others)

* digital citizenship (deciding to follow various people on twitter, trusting their tweets, replying using twitter etiquette)

The great thing about twitter is that this sparked an interest in the children’s learning and from there….we were able to learn so much – they led their own learning!

Here is the link to the story on Youtube

Dance the Day Away!

What a wonderful way to celebrate ‘Families’, the current social studies unit by having a DISCO!! Not just an ordinary disco but a 70/80’s theme disco.  There was some great songs, dancing, food and fun had by all!  Thank you to all who came along.

I like…ME!

“All About Me” social studies unit saw us identifying our likes and dislikes!  We read a story titled ‘I Like Me’ by Nancy Carlson and then identified what we liked about ourselves.  These are on display in our class so stop by and find out what we do like!  OR you can wait for the ebook….!

Changes over time!

As part of the social studies unit “All About Me” we discussed how we have changed over time, from being a baby to a kindergarten student.  Here is a sneak peak at some students ideas.  We are nearly all finished our collages and these will go in our “All About Me” ebook.  Keep a lookout for these!!