Math & M&M’s?

One student recently bought a box of individual packets of  M&M’s to school to share for Valentines Day….a perfect opportunity to practise two of our current math units:

– sorting

– graphing data

We had to decide how to sort the M&M’s = by color

We sorted onto our coloured sorting sheet

We then counted each group and colored the graph squares to show the amount

Lastly we discussed which colour had the most and which colour had the least M&M’s

Of course….we got to eat some as well!!

A fun, math lesson!

_DSC0332 _DSC0333 _DSC0334 _DSC0335 _DSC0337 _DSC0338 _DSC0339 _DSC0340 _DSC0341 _DSC0342 _DSC0343 _DSC0344 _DSC0345 _DSC0346 _DSC0348

Renewable or Nonrenewable?

For science we are focusing on ‘trees’ and a part of the unit looks at ‘trees as a natural resource’ and identifying things that are a renewable resources or a nonrenewable resource.

After watching a Brainpop video on this topic and completing a whole class sorting and discussion activity KC decided that this was what they agreed were renewable and nonrenewable resources!

Do you agree?

Would you change any?  Why?