Trees and Seasons!

This past week as part of our trees unit we focused on seasons and why trees change and how they change over the various season.

We created a picture to show the distinct changes of a tree over the four seasons….and they are finished today!

However, we are now going to record our ‘learning’ on the app Explain Everything, using our picture as the base.  We will send you a copy of this once it is made.

Here is a sneak peak at the process so far…

Renewable or Nonrenewable?

For science we are focusing on ‘trees’ and a part of the unit looks at ‘trees as a natural resource’ and identifying things that are a renewable resources or a nonrenewable resource.

After watching a Brainpop video on this topic and completing a whole class sorting and discussion activity KC decided that this was what they agreed were renewable and nonrenewable resources!

Do you agree?

Would you change any?  Why?