The Terribly Wonderful Life of a TCK

Dear parents and guardians,
In case you missed the recent parent workshop, titled “The Impact of International Life on Children,” here are a few main points from our discussion:
  • Children who live in a different cultural environment for a significant period of time are called “Third Culture Kids” (TCKs)
  • TCKs have a unique personal culture that is different from their parents’ culture, and different from the host country’s culture.
  • Through their incredible array of international experiences, TCKs develop advanced cultural understanding, social adaptability, and language abilities.
  • TCKs experience the grief process with each relocation and transition.
  • Strategies to support children in the grief process include actively listening, allowing expressions of grief, helping children build meaningful relationships, and setting aside family time to provide stability to their changing worlds.
We hope to see you at the next parent workshop!

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