What is Bullying?

Dear parents and guardians,
In case you missed the PSA coffee on December 5, here are some highlights from the discussion about bullying:
-The word “bullying” is often misunderstood or misused.  Bullying behavior means that there is intent to do harm, repeated hurtful actions, and a power difference between people involved.
-Rude behavior means behavior that is not intended to harm others.  Mean behavior is intentional, but is not repeated and may not include a power difference.  These are behaviors that are typical at elementary age.
-We teach children to identify, reject, and report bullying.
Parents can do the following if they are concerned about their children being bullied:
-Listen to your child without judgment.  Try not to interrogate them or react with anger.
-If you are concerned about what you have heard from your child, ask the classroom teacher about it.
-Use the word “bullying” accurately.  If a child uses it incorrectly, help them understand that the behavior may be mean or rude.
-Empower your children.  Practice what to do if someone treats them poorly.  Increase their self-confidence.
You can find more information on the topic on the following websites:
I hope to see you at the next workshop!

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