Next week’s news

Happy Friday everyone!  Next week we will be starting our new Unit of Inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves!  This is going to be a much more science heavy unit, which means that we will be using some new vocabulary as well as doing a lot of experiments!  Please take a look at the newsletter below to get a quick overview of our unit, some important new vocabulary terms that the kids will need to know, and also some ways that you can help us to create some amazing inventions using the design process.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!



Weekly update October 9-13

Hello everyone, and happy October!  I hope that you all had a good break last week and got a chance to get some rest.

This week is the final week of our first unit on Communities. The students will be working on making a poster/ipad presentation/creative way of showing their knowledge about what they have learned. They will show their knowledge about 1. What is a community 2. What are the qualities of a good leader? 3. Name (identify) a couple of leaders in a community the students know about, and talk about why they are good leaders, and 4. What leadership qualities do the students have themselves? We are hoping to see some really creative ideas to show their knowledge on this subject.

In math this week we are going to be focusing on subtraction strategies such as counting on/counting back, drawing pictures, using number lines, and part-part-whole models. We have been focusing a lot on addition strategies so we wanted to make sure the students could use the same numbers in reverse.

In writing we are publishing and sharing our first writing pieces, our personal narratives. The students have been working really hard to edit and revise their stories to make sure that they are the best that they can be. Now, we will finally get to see the finished product!

In reading this week we will be focusing on looking beyond the text in the books we read. We will learn about the author’s purpose, visualizing, questioning, and inferring. Basically we are going to start teaching the students to slow down their reading and think more about what is going on in the story, or what could be happening even if it is not explicitly written.

Next week we are going to start our new unit on the properties of materials, which will be a pretty science heavy unit so be prepared for some (hopefully) big smiles when the kids come home and tell you about what they learned that day!

Weekly update September 25-29

Happy Monday everyone!  Just a couple of quick announcements to start things off.

Wednesday—Students will bring home a wish list for books at SIS’s Book Fair
Thursday—You can purchase their books on the list after conferences. It will be at the Gecko Theatre (Parkside)
Friday—STUCO Spirit Day. It’s TWINS DAY! Have your child dress up with the same clothes as one of their classmates.
Now, on to the other details for the week.  Thank you to everyone who has signed up for conferences so far. Just a reminder that Thursday is a no school day for the kids. If you have not signed up yet, please do, I would love to chat with you. If you are not able to come on Thursday please send me an email and we can arrange another time to meet. Just in case anyone is concerned about translation, Ms. Yang will be there as well to help out if need be.
What are we learning this week?
Writing: We are getting close to publishing our personal narrative stories!  We are going through the final stages of revising and adding last minute details to improve our stories. Once they are done the kids will be using some digital tools to record their voices so we can share them out!
Reading: We are working on identifying story elements in the books we read. This week we are focusing on problems and solutions. Students are identifying the problem that occurs in the story, the different ways that the characters try to solve the problem, and then the final solution that they come up with. This is going to help us with our fictional writing later on this year when the kids will be coming up with their own problems and solutions for their stories.
Math: We are getting really good at solving word problems!  We are using our decoding strategies from reading to help us find important information in math problems, and using lots of strategies to solve equations in different ways. We will have an assessment (don’t worry, just checking in on what we have learned so far) this week to see how everything is going, which will help us plan for after the break.
Social studies (Unit of inquiry): We will start looking at ways that we can create a final project on what we have learned in our communities unit. Students are going to be asked to create something that shows their understanding of: 1. What a community is (what it means to them). 2. What are the qualities of a good leader? 3. Name 2 or leaders in a community that you know, and explain why they are good leaders. 4. What qualities of a leader do you have (this is a personal reflection for each student). We are leaving it up to the students to decide how they would like to create their project, either on a digital tool (book creator, Poplet, iMovie, etc.), a poster, a story, a comic, basically the sky’s the limit so they can be as creative as they want! We are hoping to see some really interesting projects, so any support that you can offer at home to help them get their thoughts together on the 4 points that I mentioned would be a huge help!
Thanks everyone, see you on Thursday I hope. Enjoy next week!
Mr. Fredericks

Weekly update September 18-22

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend with the kids!

Please note that Monday will be day 7, our library day. Please make sure to send library books with the children tomorrow morning so that they will be able to take out new ones in the afternoon.

In reader’s workshop this week we will continue working with “tricky” words where the same spelling makes more than one sound. As always we will also keep working on partner reading as we will be going back to Ms. Erlendson’s class again on Friday to see our reading buddies.

In writer’s workshop this week we will be working on adding details to our plans that we developed last week. We will be focusing on adding details to help the reader picture the setting, as well as, adding dialogue to our small moment stories.

In math we will continue practicing addition strategies. In particular we will be focusing on: Number bonds, breaking apart numbers to create a ten, counting on, and doubles. We will also work on breaking apart word problems to find important information and looking for clue words to help decide which operations to use in order to solve the problem.

In social studies we will be reviewing our videotaped interviews with leaders from our school community. Students will practice note taking in order to learn all about the roles and responsibilities of these faculty members. This information will then be used to start creating our final projects for this unit.


Thanks as always for checking in. Details will be coming soon regarding parent conferences on the 28th of September.

Weekly update for the week of September 11-15

Happy Friday everyone!

We had a great (though slightly short) week, with another great (slightly short) week ahead! Just a reminder that next Friday, September 15th will be a professional development day at SIS so there will be no school for students, just school for teachers.

Next week’s plan for math is to continue working on addition strategies with regrouping.

In Reader’s workshop we will continue learning strategies for tricky words, such as breaking them apart and recognizing which parts we can read in a snap (quickly). This will hopefully transfer over to our writing as well once the children start seeing those tricky spelling words more often in their reading.

In Writer’s workshop we have been working hard to get full stories written and revised this week. Now, we are going to go back and use what we have learned to get some more really solid stories started. Next week’s focus will be on creating 4 (or hopefully more!) really strong starts for new small moment stories. Some students brought in photos already this week to help remind them of times that they would like to write about. These can be a huge help in the planning stage so if you have some photos that you could send in (or printed copies work just fine too), that would be a big help.

iIn social studies we will continue working on our unit of inquiry, learning about communities. The students are going to come up with some interview questions that they would like to ask members of our school leadership team, then conduct video interviews with them to learn about their roles and responsibilities at our school. We will continue to learn more about our SIS community, and how we can help it grow and become even stronger.

Thanks as always for checkin in!  I hope everyone has a great, typhoon-free weekend!

Weekly update for the week of September 4-8

Hello everyone,

I hope that you all enjoyed the extra day off this weekend!  Just a quick reminder that we have library class on Wednesday, September 6th this week. Please remind your children to bring their books back in the morning so Mrs. Livingston can check them back in before we have class. Also, don’t forget that we have swimming in P.E. again this Friday, September 8th.

This week in math we will continue to work on place value, addition and subtraction (no regrouping) with expanded form numbers. We will also review odd and even numbers, as well as, start reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping.

In social studies we will continue our unit on communities. We will be starting to focus on leaders in communities, and what characteristics a good leader should have. We will start looking at all of the different leaders here in our SIS community, not just the senior administration team.

In Reader’s workshop we are focusing on reading to others as we will soon start working with Ms. Erlensdson’s kindergarten class to set up reading buddies! We will start letting students bring books home from the class library this week in addition to their library books to help them practice reading to others. We will also be working on breaking down new/tricky words to help us read them in a snap.

In Writer’s workshop we are continuing to improve our small moment stories and stretching them out over several pages. Some strategies that we are working on this week are: acting out your story to see more details that you could add, crafting powerful endings to our stories, and rereading like detectives to make sure our writing makes sense and sounds right.

Thanks for checking in, I hope to have this blog updated with the next week’s plan every Friday, so please check back regularly!