Weekly update October 9-13

Hello everyone, and happy October!  I hope that you all had a good break last week and got a chance to get some rest.

This week is the final week of our first unit on Communities. The students will be working on making a poster/ipad presentation/creative way of showing their knowledge about what they have learned. They will show their knowledge about 1. What is a community 2. What are the qualities of a good leader? 3. Name (identify) a couple of leaders in a community the students know about, and talk about why they are good leaders, and 4. What leadership qualities do the students have themselves? We are hoping to see some really creative ideas to show their knowledge on this subject.

In math this week we are going to be focusing on subtraction strategies such as counting on/counting back, drawing pictures, using number lines, and part-part-whole models. We have been focusing a lot on addition strategies so we wanted to make sure the students could use the same numbers in reverse.

In writing we are publishing and sharing our first writing pieces, our personal narratives. The students have been working really hard to edit and revise their stories to make sure that they are the best that they can be. Now, we will finally get to see the finished product!

In reading this week we will be focusing on looking beyond the text in the books we read. We will learn about the author’s purpose, visualizing, questioning, and inferring. Basically we are going to start teaching the students to slow down their reading and think more about what is going on in the story, or what could be happening even if it is not explicitly written.

Next week we are going to start our new unit on the properties of materials, which will be a pretty science heavy unit so be prepared for some (hopefully) big smiles when the kids come home and tell you about what they learned that day!

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