Weekly updates, January 29-February 2

Hello everyone, I hope that you’re all keeping warm! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s very cold out this week so please make sure that the kids are dressed appropriately for the weather. Unless it is raining outside it is fair to assume that recess will be outdoors, so make sure that the kids have hats a mittens/gloves if you think they might need them.

This is a big week!  We have started rehearsing for next week’s music concert, and it looks amazing! We hope that we will see you all next Thursday, February 8th. Don’t forget that the concert starts at 8:30, so please try to arrive a few minutes early. We also have parent/teacher conferences this week. If you have already signed up, thank you! If you haven’t had a chance to yet please look for my email from last Friday (there might have been a couple of emails actually, the server was a bit overloaded), in the email is the link for signup genius. Finally, on Friday we will be going on our field trip to Shenzhen Museum in Futian. The plan is to leave SIS just after 11:00, so please remember to send a packed lunch to school that day as WE WILL NOT BE EATING LUNCH AT THE GECKO GRILL that day. We will eat in class just before leaving for the museum.

Ok, as for the academic side of things this week. In reading we are continuing to focus on fluency, reading with different voices depending on which characters are speaking, and how they are feeling. We are also still working on going back and re-reading when we come across a word or sentence that gave us a bit of trouble.

In writing this week, we are continuing to  work on opinion writing. Students are learning how to introduce their opinion on a topic, and then giving reasons and examples of why they believe that their opinion is correct.

In math we are continuing to work on our data unit, learning how to take data from a table, creating a bar graph to show that data, and then analyzing the data to answer questions. If you stop by the school, be sure to check out our “Which continent were you born in” display in the hallway outside of our class!

In our Unit of Inquiry this week we are working on comparing and contrasting old and new inventions. Students have been given photos of older versions of inventions (phones, tvs, cars, etc.) and current versions. They will be trying to find similarities in how the inventions work, but also thinking about how they have changed in appearance, function, accessibility, etc.

That’s it for this week, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!

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