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Hello everyone, and happy Saturday!

We had a pretty great week in 2C, even if we did miss a day due to the rain. We completed the first of three MAP tests, and we have already been able to look at the data to help improve and personalize some math instruction going forward. We have been building our reading stamina and can already read independently for more than 20 minutes at a time! We have been reviewing and practicing math strategies that we remember from first grade, and we have been seeing some great personal narrative stories!

Coming up this week we have another busy one. We have two more MAP tests, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. These will be the reading and language tests so if you would like to help your child prepare all we ask is that you read some books with them and ask questions to get them to explain the details from the story. Questions such as: “Who are the characters, and can you describe them to me? ” “What is the setting of the story, where and when is it taking place?” “Can you tell me what the problem is in the story and what solution the characters are using to try and solve it?”. Questions like these are likely what the students will see on the test, and they’re great comprehension questions to ask anyway to make sure that the kids are thinking about what they are reading and not just reading for the sake of finishing the story.

We are also going to do our first DRA reading assessments this week to see how much the kids have grown as readers since the end of first grade, and to help us get an idea of where we can help them this year. We will continue to work on addition and subtraction strategies to build our fact fluency, but also to practice using multiple strategies and explain how they can be proven to be true. We will continue working on personal narrative writing, but the focus will start shifting to stories about things that the kids have done in their different communities in order to contribute to those communities. We will continue to learn more about communities, and start looking at all of the different people who make up different communities and what their roles and responsibilities are.

That just about covers it for this week, but as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email.


Have a great weekend!



Reading spaces might look different for everyone, but reading engagement is the same across the whole class!

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