Happy conference week!

Hello everyone, I hope you all managed to stay safe and dry yesterday!

With the school closure today this week is going to look a bit different, so just to make sure that everyone is aware, there is no school today, regular classes on Tuesday, parent teacher conferences on Wednesday, regular classes on Thursday, and then a professional development day on Friday so there is no school for students that day. Also, next Monday is mid-autumn festival so there will be no school on that day either. As you know, we are supposed to start swimming this week in P.E. but because our P.E. days are Wednesday and Friday (both days off for the kids this week) we will not be in the pool this week. Instead, we will start our swimming lessons next week.

As for this week, since it is now a short week we will be taking a lot of time to focus on our final project for our Unit of Inquiry, where we are asking for your help. We want the kids to create a collection of evidence that shows them contributing to their communities in different ways. We are asking for you to send us a photo or video of your child doing something that helps contribute to their community through Seesaw using the messaging feature. When you send the photo or video, the kids can record their voices before it is sent to explain what it is that they are doing. We will have them write personal narratives about it in class as well, but the main questions we want them to answer are: What are you doing in this picture or video? and How do you think this will make your community better? The more evidence that you can send along, the more your child will be able to show us what great community members they are!

As far as our other subjects, we will continue to work on our personal narrative writing, focusing on editing and revising our work to add more details for the reader. We are also going to set up some guided reading groups this week to make sure that students are growing as readers this year, not just reading for fun (which is still great and totally supported though). We will have a little math quiz to to check in on where everyone is with their addition and subtraction within 20, and their strategies to solve word problems.

That should just about cover it for now. As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Have a great day!


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