Happy October!

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope that you all had a great week off. From the stories that the kids were telling today it sounds like there was a lot of fun being had.

As we are starting a new month, we are coincidentally starting a new Unit of Inquiry. This unit, How We Organize Ourselves, is going to have a big science focus. We will be learning many skills in each subject that will help us become great scientists! The central idea for our unit is: The Scientific Process helps organize investigations.

Students will be learning about how to write up a proper lab report that follows the scientific process, and with that we will be working on procedural writing. We will start looking into skills for reading non-fiction books and learning about the different features that they have compared to fiction books. In math we are going to continue to work on place value for a couple of more weeks but then move into measurement which will help us to collect, analyze, and interpret the data that we gain from the experiments that we will be doing. During our unit of inquiry time we will be doing lots of different hands-on experiments to help us learn more about the states of matter and their properties, it should be lots of fun!

Just a reminder that this week and next week we will continue to have P.E. in the pool so please remember to send students with the required swimming gear on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Thanks as always, and have a great week!


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