Weekly updates: New class photo, field trip, and upcoming assembly performance!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

Three quick housekeeping items that I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of.
1. On Monday we will be holding a make up photo shoot for students who were absent when the Top Photo photographers were here the first time, or for students who are new to the school. We have also been asked to retake our class photo, so please make sure that your child comes to school on Monday wearing their school uniform. This is the class photo that will be going in the yearbook so it is very important that everyone wears their SIS uniform.

2. Next Thursday we will be going on a field trip to Evergreen Park to explore a natural habitat in order to better understand our current unit of inquiry. A permission form was sent home with the kids today so please check their backpacks this weekend. I will attach a copy to this email as well.

3. Two weeks from today, March 1st, our class will be performing during the Friday assembly. Mark your calendars as we would love to see all of your smiling faces in the audience! We will be working on our plan and presentation for the next couple of weeks, so if your child comes home with some sentences to memorize we would greatly appreciate any help to get them stage ready.

That’s it for now. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away.
Have a great weekend!

Dan Fredericks

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