Shekou International School provides a rigorous education in a caring community and inspires our students to become principled, innovative contributors in a transforming world.


We believe that…

  1. A foundation in knowledge and skills is essential for continual learning, personal development and sound decision-making.
  2. Integrity, humility, and respect are fundamental to successful relationships.
  3. Learning to set goals and priorities is essential to the development of perseverance, critical thinking and confidence in students as well as staff.
  4. Successful learning is fostered by an active, supportive partnership and consistent expectations within the child’s school and home learning environments.
  5. Active involvement in service learning and recognition of cultural diversity is critical in developing responsible, compassionate youth who can adjust to life in an ever-changing world.
  6. Technology is a conduit through which students learn, create, collaborate and share.


Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs)

SIS Learners are nurtured to become:

Communicators who…

  • Listen, read, write, and speak effectively
  • Express needs, knowledge, desires, and opinions appropriately
  • Initiate reflective and meaningful conversations

Independent Learners who…

  • Exhibit confidence, initiative, and personal management
  • Apply appropriate strategies for producing and retaining information
  • Develop habits that maintain responsibility along with mental and physical health

Collaborators who…

  • Foster positive relationships in diverse settings
  • Establish and accomplish goals within groups
  • Ask questions for clarification and understanding

Complex Thinkers who…

  • Evaluate the significance of diverse concepts
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information
  • Engage in a reflective process for continual improvement

Global Citizens who…

  • Contribute to their immediate and extended communities
  • Promote an ethos of care and empathy
  • Model compassion for fellow human beings



The philosophy of Shekou International School is based on the premise that the purpose of education is to enable children and young people to play a full and active role as global citizens. The mission statement provides our school with a foundation for program planning, development and evaluation. An understanding of the statement will allow parents to support the direction for education that we feel is critical to the role SIS students will play as future contributors to the international community.



Shekou International School was founded primarily to serve the educational needs of expatriates temporarily residing in Shenzhen. Shekou International School follows a rigorous college preparatory US style curriculum and is dedicated to meeting the outcomes of the Expected Student Learning Results.

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