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Character Dress Up

As a fun way to conclude our Book Week, we encouraged grade 4 students to dress up as their favorite characters.  Here are some of the choices.  Can you guess who they are and which book they come from?



Book Love

In honor of Book Week we are asking students to take some time to take some Book Selfies!  What is a Book Selfie you ask?  Check out the poster below so you too can join the fun!

Join the book selfie fun poster jpg.001


Rock and Roll Concert

Grade 4 has been working hard for several months preparing for their music concert.  Please come and join us tomorrow night in the Gecko Theater at 6:30 p.m.  Be ready to rock out to some amazing classics!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.43.34 AM


Blue Walkathon

Cadence in grade 5 will be participating in A Blue Walkathon next Wednesday, March 23.  She is doing it in support of the cyclone which hit Fiji. For those who have not heard this cyclone has caused a lot of damage, such as:

-44 people have lost their lives
-more than 24,000 homes were damaged or destroyed
-121,500 people need shelters
-5,00 people remain in evacuation centers
-crops and markets are destroyed across the country
-250,000 people need safe water

If you want to help support her cause she would greatly appreciate it!  Here is a link to Red Cross Australia for more information:

Blue Walkathon


Migration Stories

Grade 4 students just started their second social studies unit, Migration.  To learn more about why people migrate we called in some “professionals” to help.  Who better to call than parents and teachers?!

Wednesday morning the Gecko Grill was transformed into an interviewing frenzy. We had 17 adults participate and share their stories with grade 4 students. It was so interesting hearing the stories and reasons why people have moved around as children, young adults and families. As a final project students will share one adults story, tell their own story and then compare the two.

Make sure to watch this space as students continue on this journey!

PicCollage (3)


Putting Fun Back Into Food

Monday, March 7 grades 4-5 had a different start to their morning!  The company who is in charge of our school lunches hosted a fun cooking competition for the students called, “Putting Fun Back Into Food”.  The host talked about the importance of having breakfast, and knowing the serving sizes for each food group you should have each day.  Later, a few select students were chosen to compete against each other in a cook off.  They were introduced with their ingredients and then had only 15 minutes to create their dishes.  The energy was definitely high and the final products looked impressive!

Make sure to ask your child what they learned from the show, and the serving sizes they should ensure they are getting from all the food groups!

PicCollage (2)


Famous People Day – Wednesday, March 16

Famous People Day


Learning Comes Alive – Specialist Style

Please click on the image below to learn more about the upcoming Learning Comes Alive taking place Thursday, March 17.  You will be able to see what students do during their Specialist Classes.  Since Thursday is a Day 6 4C students will have Chinese and PE.  Put it down now so you don’t miss out!

LCA #3 Specialist Classes


Migration is on the Move

We launched our next social studies unit, Migration, with a fun “See, Think, Wonder” activity.  Students were given the opportunity to view 8 different images.  They had to first look at the image and write down everything they saw.  Then they had to write what they thought was going on or happening in the image.  Last, they included questions on what they they wondered about.

Later we will reveal the rest of the picture along with some text so they can see if their inferences were correct and discuss how each of the images tie in with our unit Migration!

Migration Migration Groups Migration Launch


Open Day at Bayside

 SIS will be hosting an Open Day at Bayside.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about our secondary program and meet the staff.  Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested in registering for Open Day on March 15, 2016.
Open Day
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