Weekly Wrap Up


Reading – We are continuing our Book Club work which is further supported by our new “Literary Essay” writing unit. Students are closely analyzing characters, author’s purpose, and theme in their Book Club books and in the short stories we will be using in writing.

Writing – We are launching a new unit called “Literary Essay”. This unit will combine students’ prior knowledge of essay writing with an in depth focus on closely reading and analyzing literary texts. This week we are reading the short story, “Fox”, as a class and analyzing the characters. We are writing entries to grow our thinking about the story and will eventually use this material to create strong thesis statements about the text.

Math – We have begun “Module 4: Angles and Plane Figures”. This week we have been learning about points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles. We are also learning about kinds of angles (right, acute, obtuse) and lines (parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting).

Science – Students are continuing their study of “Soils, Rocks, and Landforms” by investigating the concepts of erosion and deposition. We are modeling these phenomena by using stream tables to observe how the erosion of earth materials by water helps to create landforms. Students will be able to observe these processes in the real world on Friday when we go on our geology fieldtrip up Nanshan.

Word Study  – We have returned to focus on Spelling, specifically trying to master the spelling words on the Grade 4 Dolch List.