Weekly Wrap-up

4A Weekly Wrap Up

  • Writing – Last week we talked about the importance of establishing our setting and characters early on in our stories by including descriptive details. We also acted out a few of our scenes before writing them to help us visualize the details that we will need to include in our stories. Students were introduced to the Realistic Fiction checklist that they will be using to help them remember what writing elements we will be focusing on in this unit.
  • Reading – We continued to use our read aloud, No Talking, to practice paying attention to character clues and setting details. Students were also being tested to ascertain their current DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment) levels.
  • Math – This week we continued with Module 1 (Place Value, Rounding, and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction). Students focused on knowing how to read large numbers up to the millions place and also learned to write numbers using different forms (standard, expanded, unit, and word). We also focused on place value to quickly calculate finding 1, 10, and 100 thousand more or less than a given number 
  • Science – We began our unit on Energy by using components such as wires, D-cells, lightbulbs, and motors to create working electrical circuits. Students also used their knowledge of circuits to create a way to test what materials are natural conductors (allow for the flow of electricity) and insulators (stop the flow of electricity). We have also been using Quizlet to help us practice our science vocabulary.

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