Weekly Wrap Up

  • Writing – We have completed our realistic fiction unit! Students have typed final drafts and shared their writing in class. While reading your child’s writing, ask them about what the main character learns during the story. Our next writing unit will be Expository non-fiction.
  • Reading – We continue to practice choosing Just Right books and making sure that we are reading at a good pace. We have been using our read aloud, No Talking, to practice paying attention to character clues and setting details. We have begun work on our final realistic fiction book project – the Character Bag. 
  • Math – We have finished Module 1, which focuses on Place Value, Rounding, and Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction. Students have been learning to read and decode multi-step word problems. We will soon begin our second math module, Measurement. Students should also be practicing their multiplication facts.
  • Word Study – Students have received a list of 100 “must know” words that they should be able to spell by the end of fourth grade. We will be using and practicing these words for the rest of the year. A copy of this list can be found under the ‘Writing Resources’ tab on my blog.
  • Social Studies / Science – We have begun the Energy science unit by learning how to make simple and parallel circuits. Students have learned that electric energy can be converted to other kinds of energy, such as light. We have also explored the properties of magnets and experimented to determine how strong a magnet is. Soon we will be combining these two concepts when we make our own electromagnets.
  • Guidance Mr. Bywater taught us about the role of the counselor at SIS. We learned about when it would be appropriate to ask the counselor for help, when we should try to solve the problem on our own, and when we should talk to a teacher first.

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