Mark McElroy

mcelroy.presenterpagePresentation I: Closing the Loop – Back Channelling for Total Engagement
Description: Not all learners come to your classes ready to interact via traditional avenues.  How do you ensure engagement from shy, soft-spoken, or multimodal learners in classroom activities? This session will examine how to use technology as a tool to guarantee students are actively participating in class discussions, even when silent.

Element: eLearning
Session(s): 4 & 5
Location: Room 3.103, 3rd Floor

Session Materials:  

Presentation II: Make Your Walls Come Alive
Description: This workshop will cover the uses of augmented reality (AR) in the classroom including tutorials, reflections, class projects and virtual tours. With the exciting capabilities of the iPad, students and teachers can use AR to create a world that comes to life over static images around your school or classroom.  From interactive projects to student reflections, the possibilities are endless. Participants will have the opportunity to explore current uses of AR, to create personal overlays and to organize channels to share out their collections

Element: eLearning
Session(s): 6
Location: Room 3.103, 3rd Floor

Session Materials:  

Backchannel Presentation

Links to checkout for Backchanneling:

Today’sMeet, Backchannelchat, Twitter, Titanpad


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