How Our World Works: “Sink”& “Float”

This week for the science activity, we talked about how do things sink or float. We brainstormed what things could float or sink. The first step, we introduced these two words’ meanings in English.

T: “What does it mean ‘sink’ and ‘float’?’

C: “Sth goes down in the water calls ‘sink’.

“on the top of water is ‘floating'”

T: “What do you think what things could sink?

C: “Blocks sink”

T: “What can float?”

C: “Balls are floating”

After the brief conversation we decided to go outside and collect some nature things that may sink or float.


We tried them in the water…

It gets the little giraffes thinking and predicting. We sorted out both sinking objectives and floating objectives. Some children made a comment that “Things are heavy can sink.”

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