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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

October 30: Professional Learning for Teachers, NO SCHOOL for the children

October 31:  STUCO Spirit Day.  You are welcome to send your child dressed up like in the Disco Era ?

November 3: Well-being learning story goes home

November 9: ECC Parent Session: Literacy

November 10: STUCO Spirit Day

November 15: ECC Parent Session: PYP #2

November 20: International Week Celebration (more details will be sent home later on)

November 21: PK1-G1 parent session: SIS in the digital age

November 24: Half Day for Students.  11:30 dismissal

The Color Monsters

We had a read-aloud story of “The Color Monster” by Anna Llenas this week. We talked about the different colors represent different emotional feelings. We extended this learning to make color monsters on our trick or treat bags.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A game of matching colors with animals which is inspired by the story, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”

We also encourage the little giraffes to practice fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and cutting skill.

Book Activities– The Mixed Up Chameleon

The little giraffes have been exploring the different colors and we expanded the color concept to colored animals. We read”The Mixed Up Chameleon” story and we discussed the question, “What animal do you wish to be?” The little giraffes actively participated in the discussion, “I wish, I wish, I could be…” “a fox, a dinosaur, an elephant, a flamingo, a bird, a bear, a tiger and so on”

We use simple repetitive story activities to encourage children to improve their language skills.


Giraffe Hua Hua’s Home Visit

We’re very pleased to announce that our giraffe “Hua Hua” is visiting Dylan’s family this weekend.
As the little giraffe friends love to play with our class mascot, “Hua Hua” and are willing to extend the play to the family community. It makes a connection between home and school and it helps the little giraffes to build a sense of belonging.
This morning we discussed who would bring “Hua Hua” home this weekend. There were a lot of ideas that suggested who would be the one but it was not easy to have most of the friends agreed with one suggestion. Everyone thought very hard and one little giraffe suggested to have today’s teacher helper brought “Hua Hua” home. It turned out the most of the friends have agreed with the suggestion even if they felt a little bit sad and then they confirmed with Ms. Jenny that everyone would have a turn to bring Hua Hua home every weekend.
I’m so proud of little giraffes who have been tried to solve the problem with flexibilities.

Making Healthy Colorful Food: Omelet

We have been talking about the colors that we can create. Red and blue, blue and yellow, red and orange. Cooking the yummy food and at the same time including the different colored food is fun.

We cut out the orange carrots and green cucumbers, white cheese and mixed with eggs. The omelet is healthy and yummy. We practiced our fine motor skills in cutting food eat by ourselves. We’re learning what healthy food is.


October Calendar

Healthy Food & Unhealthy Food

The middle school buddies came to our class to show us what healthy food is. We looked at the food pictures, talked about their names and if they’re good food or not. Then we got to taste the healthy veggie burgers and made smoothie together. It’s a good opportunity for us to get familiar with what food is good for our bodies.

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