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Making Class Rules

The little giraffes have talked about the rules that we will follow in the class. Looking eyes, listening ears, inside voice, helping hands and walking feet. We talked through what each rule means and we tried to follow them.

Helping Hands: We always ask who have helping hands to put away toys when it is clean up time. The little giraffes are happy to show us helping hands.

We’re Little Giraffes!

To be continued from yesterday we choose our own favorite animals. Today, we picked the top three popular animals on the board and then voted again, lion, giraffe, and penguins. Children were very active to choose the animals they like. The third round, we narrowed down the two animals, lion, and giraffe. Guess what, 8 friends choose giraffe vs. 6 friends to choose lion. Little giraffes had become our class name. We’re little giraffes!

Which animal do you like most?

It’s beginning of the school year but we don’t have a¬†class name yet. Today we started talking about the animals we like. Hopefully, we can agree on picking one animal’s name for our class later.To be continued…

“I like a lion.”

“I like a gorilla.”

“I like a puppy.”

“I like a panda.”

“I like an owl.”

To be continued…


First Days of School

We had a staggered start in the first two school days. The children had a fresh experience in the new class. We will have more fun and learning experiences in school!


Welcome, everyone!

We had a good start on first days now we are ready for the fun of this school year.

Here is the place you will see us play, learn and grow together.


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