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Celebrating Lantern Festival

The lantern festival marks the Chinese New Year Spring Festival period. To Chinese people, it’s a fun festival that people will go out to look at the moon, send up the colored lanterns, have a meal, especially have tangyuans to represent the meaning of family members spending time together.

In our class, we followed the traditions to make colored tissue collage lanterns and tangyuans. It was fun that exploring the things we’ve never done before.


How Did You Change?

During the international weeks, we often talked about the places we were born. It brought a conversation that what did we look like when we were babies.

Here we are:

The little giraffes spent some time to look at these baby pictures and tried to iditify themselves as babies. A fun matching game that the friends even helped each other to recognize each other’s baby photos 🙂 and it was an opportunity for us to recognize who we are.