Making the First Letter of Names

This week the little giraffes have a new routine of signing in their names every day. We started to practice writing the first letter of names. We’re getting familiar with the first letters of names and we decorated them with beads.


How Did You Change?

During the international weeks, we often talked about the places we were born. It brought a conversation that what did we look like when we were babies.

Here we are:

The little giraffes spent some time to look at these baby pictures and tried to iditify themselves as babies. A fun matching game that the friends even helped each other to recognize each other’s baby photos 🙂 and it was an opportunity for us to recognize who we are.


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

It has been a busy week that we had PreK1 winter concert and the Santa came to visit us on the next day. All PreK1children practiced singing three songs over a week for preparing the performance in the winter concert. It turned out a good performance that prek1 children sang confidently in front of parents.




What food do you like to eat?

The second week of international week activities, we continued to experience the multicultural environment by listening to stories, doing hands-on activities and tasting yummy foods.

We tasted Japanese snack Mochi, Hongkong local finger food, milk and butter toast and traditional Chinese sugar painting.

After so much food tasting, we raised up a question during the circle time. “What do you like to eat?” Little giraffe friends started talking about the healthy food and the rainbow colors of various food.

Each giraffe picked one kind food picture and posted on food wall.

International Week Activities

It’s a small world. We were from different places and now we came to SIS. From this week, ECC started to have international weeks’ celebrations.

In Little Giraffes’ class, we talked about where we were from, the national flags, the languages we speak and some parents came to our class to show their cultures of home countries/regions.

We’re trying to create an international environment for developing a sense of pride in one’s own nationality and culture and developing a curiosity about other cultures.











— Chinese culture activity “Bing Tang Hong Lu Making”

— Making Thank You Cards, American Thanksgiving Culture Sharing

— Taiwanese Culture Sharing “Making Bubble Milk Tea”

–Japanese Culture Sharing, making Onigiri

Independent Play

There is about one-hour independent play time every morning. The little giraffes are starting to take initiatives to choose the area and activity they would like to play. The children are engaged in playing and interacting with friends and teachers. We notice the children use social and language skills to negotiate and have conversations.

How to Make Orange Juice?

We always introduce healthy food to the little giraffes. We have noticed the oranges are circle shapes and they’re soft. On the first day, we tried to peel off the oranges and tasted them. On the second day,

On the second day, we asked the little giraffes,” what else can we do with oranges?” “Orange juice.” Some friends replied.

Cut the oranges. We slice the oranges into halves.

Juice the oranges. Grip the one of the orange halves tightly and squeeze it by hand,

Drink up. We pour the juice into the cups and enjoy the fresh handmade orange juice.

The little giraffes were engaged in squeezing the oranges and they were able to accomplish the process of making juice by themselves. It’s a good opportunity to practice fine motor skills as well.


Story Activity: I Went Walking

I Went Walking, What Did You See?

I saw…

We were inspired by a read-aloud story, “I Went Walking” by Sue Williams, we colored animal pictures and practiced storytelling in small groups.

Fun with Math: Exploring Circles

There are a lot of shapes in our environment. The little giraffes got interested in exploring circles.

— looking for circles in the class

— trying to make circle marks

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