Learning Comes Alive

We had an open class this morning, learning comes alive for inviting parents to come to experience what we do in the class every day. We had a project of making a picture of “Who Is Taller?” Each little giraffe collaborated with the parents to draw, paint or making crafts on the picture. The children and the parents were engaged in doing the project and playing with the children’s favorite toys.

Library Visit

We made a library visit on Thursday. It was our first time to visit the library as a group so we talked about some basic things that we need to consider when we’re in the library. Quiet reading, inside voice and how to turn the pages carefully. The little giraffes spent the time in the library and got to read a few books. At last, each of us chose one book and brought back to the class. We looked at each other’s book in the classroom and tried to predict what the stories might be. The visit will be in our routines and the parents are welcome to take children to the library after school as well.




Five Senses: Tasting Lemons and Making Lemonade

What can we do with our hands, eyes, noses, mouths and ears?

We looked at the lemons, the color and the feeling and then we tasted it. It’s sour. The next day we tasted sugar and mixed the sugar water with lemon juice. It’s lemonade. Look at our facial expressions. 🙂



Get To Know Our Body Parts

We have been singing “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and reviewed our body parts. We made “Me” pictures.



How are you feeling today?


We have been talking about the feelings, happy, sad, sleepy and angry. When we asked the little giraffes, “How are you feeling today?” We got a few answers and the reasons:

– — I’m angry, mosquito bite (bit) me.

— I’m sleepy today.

— I’m happy, I want to play with my friends.

— I’m sad, I miss my mommy.

It’s important that children learn how to identify and express their feelings in an appropriate manner. Our little giraffes are practicing to identify their own feelings and try to explain why.



Little Giraffe Attendance

As we identify us as little giraffes we made a unique attendance board. Every morning during the circle time, we guess each little giraffe’s name and hang it up in the tree.

We’re Little Giraffes

As we voted our class’ name is “Little Giraffes”. We started to identify ourselves as giraffes. We made a big tree for giraffes to eat the green leaves. It will be our attendance board.


Making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

The little giraffes love cooking. We cut the bread into the small square shape and put the cheese on the top of one slice and then add another slice on the top. We put the sandwiches into the pan with the butter. It’s yummy!

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