Week @ A Glance 15th – 19th Sept

With a typhoon day thrown in the mix this past week it allowed teachers a chance to test our skills in dealing with emergency situations and then….get back to teaching!

Some of the wonderful learning opportunities that I spotted this week…

In addition see what is else is happening here…

* International Weeks were in full force with Ms Lindsay’s class making and using their own Australian Clapping sticks – click here for more information.

* A celebration of all cultures and countries in Ms Kylie’s class with one activity focusing on England – see the fine motor skills and math skills in use here as the children make their own King and Queen crowns.

* Even our Teaching Assistants have a chance to share their culture.  In Ms Rachael’s class children recognise that Miss Dodo is just as important, promoting inclusion for all.  See the concentration here as children listen to her story and also another student from a mixture of two cultures.

* Exploring all the senses in Ms Jenny’s class as the children learn about Japan and how to make sushi.  For Nursery children being able to touch, smell, hear, see and most importantly TASTE is a wonderful way to learn about another culture.  See how they made sushi here.