EC Global Citizens Parade!

All the students in the ECC have been learning about Chinese New Year over this past 1-2 weeks.  As a final celebration of their learning and to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year a parade was held.  The children all contributed in their classes by making a representation or symbol of their learning about Chinese New Year.

Please click here to see a glimpse of this event.

And weren’t these ladies just amazing!!

Click here for some of their performance.



Here Comes the Lion!

EC were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with a lion last week…A Chinese New Year Lion!  This allowed the children a chance to become familiar with the traditions of Chinese New Year as well as learn about the music associated with this event.  For some children this was the first time to be able to overcome their fear of this lion as in the past they had only been able to see it from a distance.  They learned it was really just a puppet and it was very friendly!

EC2 Learn about Chinese New Year!

EC2 classes were privileged to learn from parent experts about Chinese New Year last week.  They were involved in a variety of wonderful activities that allowed them to use all their senses!  A big thank you to all the parent volunteers on this day!