Circle Time in Nursery

What does happen during ‘circle time’ in a Nursery class?

Our three wonderful Nursery teachers Ms Naama, Ms Cheryl and Ms Jenny do an amazing job of gathering their class of 2-3 years olds together to focus on various skills, song and stories for a focused learning time – each day!!

See what this looks like and what skills children are learning as they participate in circle time each day.

Click on the picture below!

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Week @ A Glance 13th – 17th Oct

Even after many years in Education I continue to be amazed by what young children can do and especially what their teachers organise and plan…

For example…

* Cooking in Nursery – yes 2 year olds! Is it possible?  For sure – see here for a wonderful example in Ms Naama’s class.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.39.39 pm

They are developing math skills, fine motor skills, communication skills, turn taking, following instructions…too many to list!

* In Ms Jenny’s class they have been focusing on Wellbeing:

  • Strand One – Well-Being: Children experience an environment where: their health is promoted, their emotional wellbeing is nurtured; they are kept safe from harm.

In particular various emotions.  What a better way to show their learning than by doing it with food!  See their food faces here!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.40.31 pm

* In Mr Cruz’s class they focused on collaborating with and EC2 class (Ms Ann’s class).  By collaborating with each other the older children learn how to communicate with younger children and vice versa.  The younger children also learn important skills from their older friends – they celebrated their first collaboration today with a BBQ – creating a memorable first experience!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.27.09 pm

* We are so fortunate this year that EC1 & EC2 are working with Ms Wilson, the High School PE teacher to devise programs suitable for our children’s developmental level.  In EC1A – Ms Rachael’s class this week they focused on ball skills.  This was in collaboration with older students who helped scaffold their learning as well as a bonus for them to learn how to work with younger children!  A win win for all!  See PE in action here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.31.44 pm

* The library is another place EC children are able to visit and on occasion we are lucky enough to have Mrs Livingston, the librarian, read to the children.  See how captivated EC2B Ms Lindsay’s class are here as they listen to a story.  Visiting the library gives children a whole new world to explore literacy and helps them understand they are part of the bigger school community that uses the library, therefore learning how to take care of this environment and the books in it!

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I Have Seen…

The school year has started with a full week already just finished – hard to believe!

What have I seen…so many ESLR’s already developing!

* I have seen many happy children fully engaged in the activities they or the teacher chose.


* I have seen many children independently taking responsibility for their learning, eating and belongings.


* I have seen children collaborating with each other, sharing toys, deciding on play scenes together


* I have seen global citizens who regardless of culture or language ability are playing happily with each other.


* I have seen communicators sharing their ideas, asking questions and using their expressions to show their feelings


* I have seen complex thinkers who try to understand how the light shines through a glass bead or how to climb down from the playground.


and of course I have seen a few tears from some children AND some parents – which I have to reassure you is NORMAL!!!

This is a transition time for all – children, teachers AND parents so of course there is a lot of emotion involved.  This diagram may help you to understand the transition you and your child are going through as they adjust to their new class life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.26.05 pm

As the continuing days come along just remember to allow this transition to work it’s way naturally so that you and your child can settle into school life at SIS.

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