Week @ A Glance 8-12 Sept

With this only being a 3 day week for students you might think “oh what can be done in only 3 days”?  Well, just take a peek below to see how packed 3 days of learning can look!

Oh and don’t forget the usual 5 day week teachers had full of professional learning – see the post here to explain more of what we did.


In addition…have you seen…

* How music in Nursery B, Ms Naama’s class benefits future learning.  Click here to see!

* The video Ms Lydia (EC1B) put together to share how her students have been learning about our ‘house, home, family and friends’!  Take a peek here!

* What social time looks like in EC2D, Mrs Neuman’s class.  For a photo snapshot take a look here!

Visit your child’s classroom website to see MORE!!

And all this in only 3…yes 3 days of learning!!

Week At A Glance 1-5 September

What a busy week of teaching, learning and developing young minds in ECLC.  Both teachers and children were involved in activities that developed their learning.  Teachers spent time in collaboration discussing our curriculum and how best to increase student learning – a valuable time for conversation and decision making.

An emphasis at this time of the year is helping children feel like they have a place in their classes which relates to the goal Belonging in the Te Whariki curriculum and also being a Global Citizen which relates to our school wide ESLR’s.  You will see evidence of this below.


Ms Ann in EC2 planned and implemented a wonderful shadow play that celebrated the Mid Autumn festival. Parents were then invited to view the children presenting the play.


Some teachers learned about Easy Blog Junior as a possible tool for Digital Portfolios – stay tuned for more information how this will be implemented in EC2 classes.


A wonderful display by Ms Lindsay and her EC2B class that depict their class name – the MONKEYS!! A really nice way to liven up her class entranceway and for children to view the efforts of their work.


In line with Te Whariki: Belonging and our school ESLR: Global Citizenship Mr Cruz and his EC1 class made link to their own home by drawing their own homes and displayed outside his room for all to view. Nice use of scraffitio as the medium!!


In this photo Ms Kylie is helping students in EC2C understand the correct way to open a book when they wrote their own books, making links to literacy and concepts about print – great scaffolding and an example of differentiation.


In this picture Ms Lindsay introduced her EC2B class to a new friend arriving soon via the ipad – an excellent example of helping children learn about Te Whariki: Belonging and the ESLR: Global Citizenship!


Ms Naama helped her students develop their sensory skills by drawing shapes in finger paint. Also involved in this learning was helping students helping to learn how to clean up after themselves once they were done!


Ms Jenny very carefully spent time with students teaching them how to use the classroom tools the correct way – in this instance, how to cut pictures with scissors. A lot of concentration involved and careful scaffolding by the teacher.


ECLC teachers spent time this week working on curriculum planning to help increase student learning and deciding how to best implement decisions made into their class.


I Have Seen…

The school year has started with a full week already just finished – hard to believe!

What have I seen…so many ESLR’s already developing!

* I have seen many happy children fully engaged in the activities they or the teacher chose.


* I have seen many children independently taking responsibility for their learning, eating and belongings.


* I have seen children collaborating with each other, sharing toys, deciding on play scenes together


* I have seen global citizens who regardless of culture or language ability are playing happily with each other.


* I have seen communicators sharing their ideas, asking questions and using their expressions to show their feelings


* I have seen complex thinkers who try to understand how the light shines through a glass bead or how to climb down from the playground.


and of course I have seen a few tears from some children AND some parents – which I have to reassure you is NORMAL!!!

This is a transition time for all – children, teachers AND parents so of course there is a lot of emotion involved.  This diagram may help you to understand the transition you and your child are going through as they adjust to their new class life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.26.05 pm

As the continuing days come along just remember to allow this transition to work it’s way naturally so that you and your child can settle into school life at SIS.

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