Coffee & Conversation #2 October 2014

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Thank you to all those that attended!  This was bigger than September’s Coffee & Conversation!  A great demonstration of how interested and supportive the EC parents are!


We were lucky to have Diana Beabout (@dianabeabout) share the innovation focus from SIS, and especially how this impacts the EC division.  Links from Diana’s presentation can be found here.


Some very valid questions that came out of Diana’s presentation were:

1. How are ipads being used in the EC classrooms (some parents wanted to know what apps / how they were being managed in each class)
A: We encourage you to talk to your class teacher about this as many teachers use specific apps for very different purposes.  Generally, we encourage iPads in EC for creative purposes – not for ‘babysitting’ purposes.
2. How can I store or where can I store the photos that I am getting from school?
A: Diana suggested using the ‘cloud’.  She also suggested to visit the genius bar for more information on this.  Genius bars can be found in Parkside or Bayside.
3. 40% – meaning the maximum amount of time SIS recommends for use on the ipads – Q was: Is this too much?
A: Diana reiterates that 40% really does depend on what is being done during this time.  Majority of the time it is used for reflection, documentation of learning and students sharing their thoughts and ideas.  So generally very productive use!
Secondly, we discussed ‘Communicating with your child’ – this was a great discussion around some ‘tips’ on how to:
1. Verbal and Non-verbal Communication (click here for more info)
2. Attention, Cooperation and Arguments (click here for more info)
3. Effective Praise (click here for more info)
Lastly, some homework for those that attended….!
Parents were shown how to add a comment to their child’s photostream and also to add a comment to their child’s class website.  Thank you to those that did!
Click here for more information about how to use photostream.
Next Coffee & Conversation topics:
* Learning Stories (Why, What, How?)
* Quality vs Quantity
* Focus and Concentration in Children



Welcome to the #2 Coffee & Conversation!!

When: Wednesday 15th October, 2014

Where: Mountainside Staffroom (above the library)

Time: 9:00 – 10:00am

Focus: elearning BIG picture @ SIS / Using Photostream effectively to support learning / Communication with your child

Please sign up here if you can attend:

I look to seeing you all there!

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Coffee & Conversation Follow Up Sept 2014

What a wonderful turn out for the first EC ‘Coffee & Conversation’ held yesterday.

There was a mixture of parents from Nursery through to EC2 and from all around the world.

Brave parents introduced themselves and shared insights about where they came from and why they were in China.

We then launched in to learning more about how the EC Division is working towards achieving the overall SIS 20:20 vision, based on three main criteria:

* Improve teaching and learning

* Improve assessment of student learning

* Improve support for student learning

After listening to this part of the talk parents showed interest in hearing more about…

– Assessment and Learning Stories

We will discuss these more in depth at future ‘Coffee & Conversation’ sessions.

We also discussed how parents can stay in contact and support what is happening in their child’s class as well as how the EC division has a key goal of being very transparent and accessible.

In light of this discussion parents demonstrated interest in learning more about elearning, particularly in learning how to support this at home, how to use it (skills) and what is the big picture of SIS in relation to elearning.  These are great topics and will also be covered in future sessions.

Overall the response was positive and as parents sipped coffee, connections were being made!  A key part of the focus of these sessions as they are designed for parents to learn more, share more but also connect with other parents!

Thank you to the parents who attended and I look forward to seeing you all, plus others, next time!