I Have Seen…

The school year has started with a full week already just finished – hard to believe!

What have I seen…so many ESLR’s already developing!

* I have seen many happy children fully engaged in the activities they or the teacher chose.


* I have seen many children independently taking responsibility for their learning, eating and belongings.


* I have seen children collaborating with each other, sharing toys, deciding on play scenes together


* I have seen global citizens who regardless of culture or language ability are playing happily with each other.


* I have seen communicators sharing their ideas, asking questions and using their expressions to show their feelings


* I have seen complex thinkers who try to understand how the light shines through a glass bead or how to climb down from the playground.


and of course I have seen a few tears from some children AND some parents – which I have to reassure you is NORMAL!!!

This is a transition time for all – children, teachers AND parents so of course there is a lot of emotion involved. ┬áThis diagram may help you to understand the transition you and your child are going through as they adjust to their new class life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.26.05 pm

As the continuing days come along just remember to allow this transition to work it’s way naturally so that you and your child can settle into school life at SIS.

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