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Books Come Alive! Thank you Parent Support Association

March 21, 2018 by Ms. L | 0 comments

Thank you so much to our Parent Support Association.

Your enthusiasm, care and effort is appreciated.

Thank you promoting the love of story and strengthening our community.

Below are only some of the amazing moments that were experienced at Books Come Alive on March 16!



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March 21, 2018
by Ms. L

Book Week Shadow Puppet Fun and Today I Will Fly!

First grade has been inquiring into the properties of sound and light!

In the library we created an opportunity for students to explore concepts about light by using projectors, screens and a variety of materials. In addition to having an exploration time during the unit, we also had a special project during Book Week where we used Piggie and Gerald shadow puppets and acted out Mo Willems’ story: Today I Will Fly. Students (and teachers!) took turns acting out the story with incredible expression and movements.

Well done, grade 1 readers and puppeteers. It was a memorable experience.

Thank you to our lovely librarian, Ms. Valenzuela for creating the shadow puppets.




March 21, 2018
by Ms. L

Book Week Story Ropes!

Second and third grade students prepared for Book Week by creating story ropes.

Story ropes are a tool that help readers retell a story. We also included a visible thinking routine to our story ropes to help us communicate our thinking. The visible thinking routine we used was developed by Harvard Project Zero. The thinking routine is called: Color, Symbol, Image.

Our end goal was to be able to effectively communicate to another student about a story that we know well. The students demonstrated that they could use the rope to retell and that it helped them communicate their thinking. At our Book Week assembly, each second and third grader met up with a fourth or fifth grader and used their story rope to retell and share their thinking. From the feedback I have received from students, thus far, it was a valuable experience to plan, create and share stories using this simple tool.

What are the papers attached to the rope? These are the colors, symbols and images that we think best match the story we are retelling. They can be considered to be a type of metaphor for an idea or ideas from the story.

What are the knots? The knots represent the elements of the story being retold. Students touched each knot as they spoke about the following elements. The knots helped to stay organized about the elements and the sequence of events.

  • characters
  • setting
  • problem
  • event
  • event
  • event
  • resolution

Thanks for trying something new, grades 2 and 3! I enjoyed doing this project with you.
Ms. Livingston

Color (black and pink) Symbol (crown) Image (castle)



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