Reading with Mrs Tuia


We got extra reading enforcement in our class! We are lucky to have Mrs Tuia, the school Librarian coming in twice a week to read with KG-G2 and G3-G5. Currently the students are reading about surprising animal partnerships.

Reading with Mrs Tuia
Did you know that the Egyptian plover is sometimes called the "toothpick bird"? That is because the plover likes to feed on scraps of meat that get stuck in the teeth of the Nile crocodile. The crocodile will devour any animal it can catch, but it won't eat a plover. In return for a tooth cleaning, it let's the little bird come and go freely.

“They help each other!”

In the course of coming weeks the students will partner up like the animals do and make an AURASMA video to present their partnerships. The videos will be used to present a picture book called: ‘How to Clean a Hippopotamus’  and ‘Never smile at a monkey’ in the school library!

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How to clean a hippopotamus & Never smile at a monkey by Steve Jenkins

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