Weekly Update Nov. 2

Hi Parents,

Here is a look into this past week.

PreK1. We were moving like animals! We moved across the gym like different animals such as frogs, chickens, alligators, and monkeys. Not only were they supposed to move like the animals but sound like them as well. It was a fun lesson that had me laughing.


PreK2. This was our second week playing with stations. We divided the gym into 4 stations with different equipment to play with. After a certain amount of time we all switch to the next station. The stations for this week were basketball, hula hoops, balls, and mat play.

Kindergarten. We are well into our Ball Skills- Hands Unit and we are progressing nicely. I introduced a new game call Clean the Garden. This is a game in which the students want to keep their side of the gym clean by throwing balls to the other teams side. We then played a game called Pin Guard. This is a game students will roll and throw balls to knock the other teams cones down.


Grade 1A. We continued with our ball skills unit and played games Pinguard and Prairie Dog. During these two games the students not only showed their progressions with throwing and catching but displayed great teamwork.

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