4/5 Blogs #3: Commenting Guidelines


Speech balloonOne of the main reasons for the popularity of blogs is the opportunity for interaction with others through comments. But to make those comments and discussions meaningful and productive, we need to have some guidelines to follow.

COMMUNICATOR…who can compose comments and replies that are relevant and engaging

GLOBAL CITIZEN…who can engage in conversations respectfully and responsibly.

TASK 1: Review guidelines and suggestions of other classrooms and students regarding commenting. (See How to Comment page on this blog for lots of resources) 

TASK 2: Write a Post and Comment on 2 other posts.

  • Post Focus: What are the five most important things you want other people to do when they comment on your blog? (Explain….don’t just list!)
  • Leave a quality comment on another student’s blog (from your class)
  • Leave a quality comment on another student’s blog from one of the other grade 4 & 5 classrooms (see ES Student Blog – 4/5Classroom Blogs)

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