Share Your Best Blog Post So Far…

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Grades 4 and 5 have had several months of blogging experience now and it’s time to share out your progress as a blogger. 

1. Review and discuss QUALITIES OF A RELEVANT AND ENGAGING POST with your classmates and teacher. 
2. Review your posts on your blogs and select one you think is a QUALITY POST.  
3. Write a post for your blog about your quality post. Include the following in your post…
          > Short summary (1 – 2 sentences) about your Quality Post
          > An explanation about what makes it a Quality Post (content and appearance)
> A reflection on how you could improve future posts
          > A link to your ‘best post so far’ (not just to your blog)

4. If you are especially proud of a post you have done, leave a comment on THIS post with a link to your Quality Post!

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